Recent Before & After Photos

Faster to Any Size Disaster

A fraternity had some renovations done. The contractor had finished up and the entire area that was updated looked amazing. Unfortunately, when the hot water he... READ MORE

Storm Damage

Storm Damage isn't just subject to the outside of your home. In this picture you can see the debris from the attic in the bathroom. The roof leaked and saturate... READ MORE

Fun Fact

Did you know that water can hide behind walls without you even really noticing? Here they had a leak that they thought was taken care of but what we didn't real... READ MORE

Is That Cereal?

Many time our air ducts are out of sight out of mind. I had a friend growing up who told us that when he was 5 he use to stick all kinds of things in his air du... READ MORE

Fire, Fire

Fires aren’t always just because of a mishap or electrical issue. I remember being young and for whatever reason our toaster caught on fire while I was co... READ MORE

Do You Know What Else Is Living With You?

Air ducts can cause many issues in a home. To be honest, I am a new homeowner and I am very naive to things. If it wasn’t for my parents and the people at... READ MORE

Grease Fires

Grease is one of the most known causes for fires in a home. Grease is known for being cooked with but if not handled properly or used correctly it can easily ca... READ MORE


Customer came home from an afternoon at the golf course to a burst pipe. The pipe cause significant damage. Unfortunately, in this case we were not able to save... READ MORE

Commercial and Fire All in One

In this before and after, a shipping dock warehouse caught fire due to a faulty wire in an outlet. As you can see in the picture the light fixture is completely... READ MORE

Hurricanes are no joke

Storm damage from a hurricane caused the roof to leak inside the home. This is the first floor of a two story home. The rain water was so powerful it went throu... READ MORE