SERVPRO of Jackson / Crockett County Employee Photos

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David Caldwell

David Caldwell has been the owner of SERVPRO of Dyersburg/Union City, SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties and SERVPRO of Jackson/Crockett County for over twenty-nine years. David married his high school sweetheart, Diane. They have been happily married for over thirty-eight years, have three children and seven grandchildren. David and Diane have been in business together since 1991. They started out of the back of a SERVPRO green van over 29 years ago. Fast forward to today and they have two facilities with over twenty employees. David enjoys spending time catching his favorite teams that are the Tennessee Volunteers and the Dallas Cowboys. Diane and David like spending time together traveling and gardening. 

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Diane Caldwell

Diane Caldwell is the owner of SERVPRO of Dyersburg/Union City, SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties, and SERVPRO of Jackson/Crockett County for over twenty-nine years. David and Diane are high school sweet hearts and have been married for over thirty-five years. David surprised Diane on her birthday with a green SERVPRO van that they used to start their business. Diane is over all accounts receivables in our company and enjoys spending time on the phone with our customers and the insurance companies we work with daily. Diane's son-in-law is working alongside her in the family business. She enjoys spending as much time as possible with her seven grandchildren. Her team looks forward to any time she takes time out to cook for them. We only have two questions when she is going to cook for us. When & Where? Diane and David enjoy spending time together gardening and traveling. 

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Jonathan Bell

Jonathan Bell is the General Manager of SERVPRO and also manages our construction department. Jonathan spent many years in construction before joining the family business in 2012. He took the lead in building and organizing the in house construction team. In addition to his years of experience in construction, Jonathan is also IICRC certified. This program teaches advanced cleaning and restoration techniques on the best practices of mitigation. Jonathan and Jenny are the proud parents of a son, Cohen. Whenever possible, he and Jenny like to catch the Tennessee Volunteers playing. Jonathan plays for his church’s Men’s Softball Team. His hobbies include: wood working with a specialty in cabinet making and playing golf.   

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Jeramy Link

Jeramy Link is the Operations Manager for SERVPRO. Jeramy has been with SERVPRO for over fifteen years and is one of our most senior employees. Jeramy has been certified in IICRC for several years. This program teaches advanced cleaning and restoration techniques on the best practices of mitigation. He has four children ranging. Jeramy and Anna spend a lot of time at home with their family. Jeramy also coaches one of his son's football teams. He loves to play a pickup game of basketball whenever he has the opportunity. During football season, Jeramy will be supporting his favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, waving his terrible towel. 

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Cathy Hollis

Cathy Hollis has been with SERVPRO for over twenty-eight years. She is the longest-serving member of our Production Team. She has gained a deep understanding of our company and the complexity of our business. Cathy joined our team shortly after Diane, her sister, and David Caldwell began the business together. She is the proud mother of two daughters and she has four grandchildren. Cathy loves to spend time in the kitchen cooking for her family and sewing whenever possible.

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Steven Ledbetter

Steven Ledbetter is our Production Manager at SERVPRO.  Steven has been a member of our team since May 2017. He is also IICRC certified. Originally from Collinsville, Illinois, he has lived most of his life in Yorkville, Tennessee. In his free time, he watches the Tennessee Volunteers, reads the Bible and even preaches once in a while at his local Laneview Baptist Church, in Kenton.  Steven likes spending time with his wife Lora and his sons Hunter and Steven. Nevertheless, enjoying a hibachi grill with Mongolian sauce at China Pan in Jackson is an exclusive activity with his youngest. Steven confesses a little weakness for Twix, just the right amount of chocolate to sweeten the palate.

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Ryan Fincher

Ryan is our Construction Manager. He is very energetic and organized. Ryan has a positive and go-getter attitude. When Ryan isn't chasing his precious son George, you can find him on the golf course or watching Alabama Football.

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Gary Criswell

Gary is one of our Construction Managers. He has been a wonderful asset to our team. He is very knowledgeable about the construction side of our business. He has 3 grown children. Gary loves watching all sports.

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Megan Ramey

Megan is our Office Manager/HR. Megan started in 2018. She wears many different hats and does a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Megan almost always has a Loaded Tea in her hand to keep her going. She has 2 beautiful girls and enjoys baking and cooking in her spare time.

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Jason Garris

Jason Garris is part of our construction crew at SERVPRO. Jason has been with our team for over three years. Jason has twelve years of experience in construction. He is also the proud father of two beautiful daughters. Jason likes to spend time during football season rooting for his favorite team, Buffalo Bills. He enjoys cooking and sharing what he makes with his family and friends. Jason also has aspirations to be a stuntman.

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Christopher Love

Chris Love is one of our Crew Chiefs. He has been with us since 2019. He is always willing to learn while also teaching his crew. He is doing a fantastic job. He always has funny jokes and a positive attitude keeping others around him motivated. Chris has 4 beautiful children, 3 wild boys and one beautiful girl. He loves basketball and traveling. One thing he would love to do is learn to surf.

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Brittany Higgins

Brittany is one of our Job File Coordinators. She has been with us since August 2020. She did not hesitate to jump in with both feet and get started. She works very hard to "Create Happy Customers" and works closely with agents and adjustors on each job to run smoothly. She has two wonderful boys that keep her busy. When Brittany has spare time she loves to fish and ride out in the country.

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Jennie Bateman

Jennie is on our Fire Crew. She started with us in 2020. She is very detail-oriented and does an amazing job of being a team player. Jennie loves to fish on beautiful days.

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Matthew Powell

Matthew is on our Mitigation Crew. He is a jack of all trades and is easily utilized on our Construction Crew as well. He is always willing to job in and to anything that is asked of him. He always has a smile on his face. Matthew has 3 children.

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Josh Whaley

Josh is one of our Carpet Cleaners. Josh is very energetic and knowledgeable. He loves researching all things SERVPRO. He is very involved in his church and has a family farm that he helps maintain.

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Dale Sanderson

Dale is on our Fire Crew. Dale is a great asset to our team. She is super speedy and meticulous. She has always had a positive attitude and a hardworking mentality. Dale loves chocolate.

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Steven Garcia

Steven is on our Construction Crew. Steven became part of our team in 2020. He moved here from California. Steven has one little boy and loves to anything with cars.

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Roy Scott

Roy is on our Construction Crew. Roy has many years of experience in reconstruction. Roy is very handy to have on our team. He loves to do woodworking in his spare time.

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Corey Gilbert

Corey is on our Construction Crew. Corey is pretty quiet but so funny. He has been a wonderful asset with his knowledge and positive attitude. He is always ready for whatever comes at him. He enjoys programming in his spare time.

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Larry Henry

Larry is on our Construction Crew. He has many years of experience in reconstruction. He is very knowledgeable and can do pretty much anything that is asked of him. Larry has been a strong asset to our team. When Larry has spare time he likes to play Billiards.

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Marcus Johnson

Marcus is on our Mitigation Crew. Marcus is a jack of all trades. He has learned so much in the amount of time he has been here and we have loved having him here. Marcus loves riding four-wheelers in his spare time and has a beautiful daughter.

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Anthony Love

Anthony is on our Mitigation Crew. Anthony has worked with special needs children, cuts hair, and also does some auto mechanical work. He is always easily utilized wherever he is. Anthony is very laidback and easy-going.

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Corey Reuter

Corey is on our Mitigation Crew and also Duct Cleaning Crew. Corey is meticulous and observant. Corey is an active member of the military and he has been very versatile in our crew being able to do whatever is asked of him. When Corey has free time he loves playing video games.